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A brief introduction of barium nitrate crystals

Sep 05, 2017

Under certain conditions, the scattering light has the properties of stimulated emission and is coherent radiation, which is called stimulated Raman scattering effect (SRS). Barium nitrate crystals are one of the most excellent solid-state materials with stimulated Raman scattering effect, and the frequency of pumped lasers can be transformed into many different spectral ranges.
Barium nitrate crystals, as Raman frequency shift components, can efficiently convert Nd: YAG lasers 1.318-1. The output of 338μm is converted to 1.535-1.556μm beam, the Output light field uniformity is better than the pump light and the peak width becomes narrower. 1.535-1. The 556μm wavelength is the air window, and the human eye is safe, it is very suitable for the LiDAR of the range finder, and it is also the excellent functional material of optical fiber communication and space free communication.
Main use: Barium nitrate crystals have an important use in health care, but also a kind of excellent Raman conversion material, and also a good functional material for optical fiber optics communication and space free communication.