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How to reduce the content of sulphur and iron in barium chloride

Sep 05, 2017

How to reduce the content of sulphur and iron in barium chloride and improve product quality has become a research topic for research workers and production enterprises. According to different uses, barium chloride can be divided into general industrial grade, electronic industry grade, high purity grade, ultra-high purity grade, nanometer grade and so on. The national standard of industrial barium chloride in our country is classified into two kinds of standard for general industrial and electronic industry, and has no national standard for high purity grade, super high purity grade and nanometer grade gb/t1617-2002. Although some enterprises are also studying and producing high purity barium chloride, it is difficult to guarantee the identity and stability of product quality. In recent years, with the increasing demand for barium chloride in the market, users have put forward higher requirements for product quality, especially the requirements of the two indexes including sulfide and iron.

Industrial upgrading needs to be expedited: the overall thinking of the future development of barium chloride industry in China should be to establish a safe, efficient, clean and sustainable guarantee system, further lengthen the industrial chain, realize the high concentration of industry and give full play to the competitive advantage of scale. High-purity products in the market are dominated by Japanese, German and American manufacturers, and domestic demand still depends on imports and is expensive. Experts pointed out: the development of barium chloride industry depends on the support of scientific and technological strength, barium chloride in the next few years, the most promising varieties are high purity barium chloride and nanometer grade barium chloride. It is the main direction of the development of barium chloride industry in our country to develop the direction of refinement and upgrade the industry.

Advantageous resources: the production of barium chloride is the main raw material of barium resources. The natural barium resources mainly include barite ore and toxic heavy stone ore. The world has proven barite ore reserves of 2.2 billion tons, China's reserves accounted for 46%. China's 23 provinces and autonomous regions are distributed, of which Guizhou is the most, followed by Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Shaanxi, Fujian, Tibet, Gansu, Shandong, Henan and other provinces, have a certain amount of reserves. Toxic heavy stone ore is a rare mineral species, the world only the United Kingdom and China have found that the United Kingdom Seiterston the 1960s, but small size, has been exhausted.

At present, the utilization rate of barite or toxic heavy stone in the production of barium chloride in China is only about 65%, while that of overseas utilization is more than 82%. However, after many years of efforts and hard work, the recent production of barium chloride in China has yielded gratifying results, barite or toxic heavy stone utilization rate is increasing, especially "wastes" governance has made great progress. Production enterprises According to the concept of sustainable development of circular economy, comprehensive utilization, in order to control waste gas pollution, the use of caustic soda liquid in the tower spray cycle absorption of hydrogen sulfide gas production of sodium bisulfate has been successful, economic benefits are obvious. In particular, the waste water to achieve closed-circuit recycling, the waste residue added a quantitative cement made of building materials hollow bricks, so that the waste residue produced by enterprises into product sales, the realization of the treasure, the damage to profit, but also increased economic benefits.