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Introduction of the dosage of sodium gluconate as guide

Sep 05, 2017

The use of sodium gluconate in concrete engineering is of strict standard, and the use of it in engineering construction is under the condition of scientific allocation, and it is produced and redeployed with scientific and reasonable requirements. Only in accordance with the standard use of the use of sodium gluconate in various projects in the construction of the role in order to play a better effect. Less than the standard use, or more than the standard usage, will be more or less in performance or effect.

In ordinary concrete projects, the standard of use is generally between 0.05 ~ 1.0, and generally speaking, more than 0.7 of the use of concrete in the performance of the other has a certain weakness. 20 ℃ temperature, the use of the slow-coagulation effect reached several hours is 0.075; In the case of 20 ℃ temperature, it is recommended to use 0.15 for more hours, and in the case of room temperature 20 ℃, the standard use of mortar concrete admixtures in 0.25 is to achieve the retarding effect within 2 days.

In the case of a high temperature, similar to a well operation, similar to the 170 ℃ high temperature, concrete more easily solidified, also more prone to cracks and other problems, so need to use more, in order to achieve the need for retarding effect, generally in this case the use of 1.00, and the allocation of intensity plastic concrete need to use the amount of 1.00 ,。 Normal daily life of plastic requirements under the circumstances of the general use of 0.05, basically can achieve our basic construction of concrete retarder requirements. However, the specific circumstances of the specific use, in the special needs of the environment, the use of special requirements of the amount.