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The use of barium chloride

Sep 05, 2017

Generally speaking, barium chloride refers to anhydrous barium chloride, because barium chloride is very easy to absorb water, so should be sealed and preserved.

Barium chloride and anhydrous barium chloride use: as analytical reagents, barium salts, dehydration agents, and used in electronics, instrumentation, metallurgy and other industries. Also used to make other barium salt raw materials. such as barium hydroxide. Barium nitrate. Barium carbonate and so on. Widely used in papermaking. Dye. Rubber. Ceramic. Refinery. Petrochemical industry. Also used in metal heat treatment and chlor-alkali industry in addition to brine in the sulfuric acid root packaging specifications for 25kg, 50kg or tons of bags.