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Various indexes of barium nitrate

Sep 05, 2017

Barium nitrate avoids contact with reducing agent, acid type and alkali. To remove the packing and container from damage when handling. Equipped with the corresponding variety and quantity of fire equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment. Empty containers may remain harmful. Storage considerations: Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Away from fire and heat. should be with easy (can) fuel, reducing agents, acids, alkalis, edible chemicals separate storage, avoid mixing. The storage area shall be provided with suitable materials for the reception of leaks. Strict implementation of the "five-double" management system for extremely toxic articles should be carried out.

Contact Control/Personal Protection occupational exposure limit China Mac ($literal): Not developed standard former Soviet mac ($literal): 0.5[ba] Tlvtn: OSHA 0.5mg[ba]/m3; ACGIH 0.5mg[ba]/m3 tlvwn: No standard monitoring method: Engineering Control: The production process is airtight and the ventilation is strengthened. Provide safe showers and eye-washing equipment. Respiratory protection: May contact with its dust, recommended to wear a self suction filter dust mask. Eye Protection: wear safety goggles. Body Protection: Wear polyethylene anti-virus clothing. Hand Protection: Wear neoprene gloves. Other protection: smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited on the job site. Work finished, shower changing. Keep good hygiene habits. Ninth part: Physical and chemical characteristics of the main components: content: Industrial grade ≥ 99%, the second level ≥ 98.5%. Appearance and character: colorless or white shiny cubic crystalline, slightly hygroscopic. Insignificant critical temperature (℃): Insignificant criticality pressure (MPa): Insignificant octanol/water distribution coefficient of the numerical value: No data flash point (℃): Senseless ignition temperature (℃): Insignificant explosion upper limit% (V): Insignificant explosion lower bound% (V): Meaningless solubility: soluble in water, concentrated sulfuric acid, insoluble in alcohol, Concentrated nitric acid. Main use: For fireworks, enamel, pesticides, barium salt manufacturing and so on. Other physical and chemical properties: 600 part: Stability and reactivity Stability: forbidden ligand: acid, alkali, anhydride, flammable or combustible substance, strong reducing agent. Barium nitrate to avoid contact conditions: polymerization hazards: Decomposition Products: toxicological data Acute toxicity: LD50: No data LC50: No data subacute and chronic toxicity: irritant: Rabbit through the Eye: 100mg/24 hour, moderate stimulation. Rabbit percutaneous: 500mg/24 hours, mild stimulation. Sensitization: mutagenicity: teratogenic: carcinogenicity: Part 12th: Ecological toxicological Toxicity: Biological biodegradability: biodegradability: Biological Enrichment or bioaccumulation: Other harmful effects: the substance may be harmful to the environment and has a cumulative effect in groundwater. Part 13th: Waste disposal wastes: waste disposal methods: Dispose according to the requirements of national and local regulations. or contact a manufacturer or manufacturer to determine the disposal method.

Barium nitrate Waste Note: Transport information Dangerous Goods No.: 51060 UN No.: 1446 packaging Mark: Packaging: O52 Packaging method: Plastic bag or two-layer kraft paper bag outside the full opening or in the Open steel bucket (steel plate thickness of 0.5 mm, net weight of not more than 50 kg), LTL again loaded into the cage box Plastic bags or two layers of kraft paper bags, ordinary wooden cases, threaded mouth glass bottles, iron lid pressure mouth glass bottles, plastic bottles or metal barrels (cans) outside ordinary wooden cases. Transport Note: Railway transport should be in strict accordance with the Ministry of Railways "Dangerous goods transport rules" in the Dangerous goods distribution table for the loading. Shipment alone, during the transport process to ensure that the container does not leak, does not collapse, does not fall, does not damage. Transport vehicles should be equipped with the appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment. It is forbidden to mix with acid, flammable substance, organic matter, reducing agent, spontaneous combustion material and wet inflammable goods. Traffic speed should not be too fast, not forced overtaking. Transport vehicles before and after loading and unloading, should be thoroughly cleaned, washed, strictly prohibited mixed with organic matter, flammable substances and other impurities.