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Advantages Of Sodium Gluconate

Sep 05, 2017

The environment has been destroyed, environmental awareness has become more and more strong into the hearts of people, and all industries are close to environmental protection, sodium gluconate is a non-polluting green products.
The preparation method of industrial sodium gluconate can also be prepared by electrolysis, fermentation and oxidation synthesis. The commonly used sodium gluconate in our country is corn, as a big agricultural country, it is very scientific and environmental protection in raw material, it will not endanger the ecology, and will not affect the food shortage in production and life.
Sodium gluconate itself is a good health and environmental protection products, in the pharmaceutical and food industry, can regulate the human acid-base balance, restore nerves; in the steel cleaning, glass bottle cleaning, petrochemical and other industries use, decontamination capacity is super, pollution-free, corrosion and decontamination effect with increasing temperature; in the construction industry, It can improve the various aspects of concrete, reduce the use of materials, reduce the cost and solve the problem of rapid solidification of concrete in high temperature environment.