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Application Of Sodium Gluconate In Industry

Sep 05, 2017

Concrete is a combination of cement, aggregates, admixtures and water. Concrete is the maximum limit of artificial data. Concrete aggregates are three quarters, however, the most lively ingredient in concrete grouting. The function and function of concrete depends primarily on the properties of cement slurry. Concrete admixtures can provide some beneficial effects such as speeding up condensation, condensation delay, air entering a bubble-like presence, cutting water consumption and adding plasticity etc. Some of the common mixtures used in cement and different admixtures can reinforce each other.
As a concrete admixture, the function of sodium gluconate is as follows: Water-reducing agent, Retarder
Sodium gluconate is usually used alone, and can also be used with other retarders, such as with carbohydrates and phosphates. Sodium gluconate is a kind of crystalline powder. It is the proper regulation and manipulation under the conditions of production. This compound is chemically pure and non-corrosive. The quality is constant. These functions can ensure that it is a reliable and repeatable result in the application of the program.