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Research Report On Barium Carbonate Industry

Sep 05, 2017

Barium carbonate is one of the important inorganic chemical products, widely used in CRT, batteries, capacitors, ceramics, enamel, optical glass, pigments, paints, paints, ferrite, welding electrodes, water treatment, steel carburizing, radio components, high-rise building brick and other industries such as barium salt manufacturing. The CRT industry has the greatest demand for barium carbonate, accounting for more than 45% of the total demand. The rise and fall of CRT industry will directly affect the overall scale of barium carbonate industry. At present, the global CRT annual output is around 250 million, CRT TV sales accounted for more than 92% of total television sales. By 2008, the proportion of CRT television sales to the world's total television sales would drop to 73.5%, according to Stanford research data. After entering the 21st century, display devices show a blossoming situation, PDP, VFD, LCD, OLED, fed and lcos successively came out, so that the output of CRT gradually declined, flat panel display output rose faster. In the past two years, the U.S., European Union and Japan's flat-screen TV sales growth rate of 115%, 156% and 82% respectively, China's flat-screen TV sales growth of more than 200% with the rapid development of electronic industry in recent years and the continuous development of new fields of barium carbonate, the performance of barium carbonate higher requirements Promote the development of barium carbonate to specialization and refinement in China. Barium carbonate In addition to a large number of industrial production, another larger use is compared with acidic acid reaction, after evaporation or crystallization of high purity of other barium salts.

China is the world's largest producer and exporter of barium carbonate, but far from being a productive power. In recent years, Russia, Brazil, Korea, Mexico have become new barium carbonate exporters, to the traditional export countries of China, Germany caused a great threat, leading to the international supply of barium carbonate market oversupply, the manufacturers have to reduce the competition to maintain survival. At the same time, Chinese exporters were also subjected to anti-dumping investigations abroad. China has more than 40 barium carbonate production enterprises, but can compete with similar enterprises in foreign countries a handful of enterprises to reach the economic scale of the enterprise only $number home, some small business size only 2000~3000t/a. Barium carbonate products in China a single structure, low technical content, high-end products near blank, can only produce high purity of the following products, although some factories are also in the research and production of high-purity barium carbonate, but poor stability. High-purity products for Germany, Italy and Japan production, domestic demand dependence on imports.