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Six Sensitivities In The Application Of Sodium Gluconate

Sep 05, 2017

Sodium gluconate is used as a water-reducing agent, advised high water reduction, high slump, high strength and other advantages, more suitable for high durability, large flow, high slump, high-strength and clear water concrete projects, in the use of sodium gluconate have a few points to pay attention to the content, detailed understanding of the following content, Help us in the production of better play the role of products and advantages:

Sensitive one: With the adaptability of the cement is very sensitive-individual cement products using sodium dextran and other water reducer will appear low, the collapse of a larger phenomenon, the situation should pay attention to the concrete test and adjust water reducer components, in order to achieve the best results. In addition, the fineness of cement and storage time will also affect the use of sodium gluconate effect.

Sensitive two: The change of raw materials is very sensitive-when sand, stone materials and admixture such as fly ash, mineral powder and other raw materials of the quality of a large change, will have a certain impact on the performance of sodium gluconate mixed with concrete, need to be tested again to adjust the dosage to achieve the best results.

Sensitivity III: The slump in concrete is particularly sensitive to water consumption based on the reason for the reduction. In the use of the process to strictly control the dosage of products and concrete water consumption. Once the excess, the concrete will appear segregation, bleeding, compaction and excessive gas content and other undesirable phenomena.

Sensitive four: The product is particularly sensitive to the sludge content of aggregates, and the performance of the product is reduced by the General Assembly. Therefore, the use of products should strictly control the quality of aggregates. When the sludge content of aggregate is increased, the dosage of the product should be increased.

Sensitive five: With the same product sensitive reaction-different water reducer as far as possible not to mix, if the use of some kind of water-reducing agent, the mixer and mixer to wash clean, otherwise it may lead to other water reducer loss reduction effect.

Sensitive six: contact with iron elements will appear sensitive chemical reactions--as water reducer products are often acidic, and iron products long-term contact will occur slowly reaction, so that its color depth, black, resulting in product performance decline. Therefore, the packaging of water reducer products is recommended to use polyethylene plastic barrels or stainless steel barrels storage to ensure its performance stability.