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Suggestions On The Development Of Sodium Gluconate Industry

Sep 05, 2017

As a new industry, the sodium gluconate industry has developed rapidly, and in recent years, China has become an important producer and exporter of the world. followed by the fierce market competition, sodium gluconate enterprises in the face of competition, want to better develop enterprises will further strengthen the scientific and technological innovation, and constantly improve product quality, improve enterprise competitiveness. In the overall planning of the new industry of national development strategy, the biological industry has been listed among them, and the development and application of technology, new technology and equipment have opened up new space for the development of sodium gluconate, and the enterprises ' continuous technological innovation can obtain vigor and competitiveness.

To promote the development of the sodium gluconate industry, we need enterprises to be able to standardize production, no matter how to improve product quality, export of products and carry out foreign technical and economic exchanges in accordance with better requirements. At the same time, the production enterprises should strengthen cooperation, benign competition, joint response to the international market, and expand exports to consumer countries, Reduce re-export trade, avoid market pressure on each other low price sales, reduce profits, attract a new round of more countries and regions of anti-dumping.

Increase the use of sodium gluconate in the food field, although the application of sodium gluconate is very wide, but its application in the food industry is actually very few, our country has already put sodium gluconate into the ranks of food additives, but about its wider application, we need to strengthen this field of research and development and application.