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The Leakage Emergency And Operation Method Of Sodium Nitrite

Sep 05, 2017

Leakage Emergency Treatment:
Emergency treatment: Isolate the contaminated area and set warning signs around, it is recommended that emergency treatment personnel wear self-contained breathing device, wear chemical protective clothing, do not directly contact the leakage, do not make the leakage and combustible substances (wood, paper, oil) contact, and then collect into the water (3%), with sulfuric acid to adjust ph value to 2, Gradually add the excess sodium bisulfite and discard after the reaction. such as a large number of leaks: collection recovery or harmless treatment after the abandonment.

Operation Disposal and Storage:
Operation Note: Light handle, prevent impact, friction, the use of tools to apply copper or copper alloy system, operators must be qualified by training, strict implementation of operating procedures, equipped with safe fire, protective equipment, fire fighting, wear chemical protective clothing attention to prevent water flow to flammable place.
Storage Note: Stored in a cool, ventilated compartment, away from fire, heat, organic matter, reducing agent, flammable materials. The packing requires sealing and not contacting with air. Light unloading to prevent packing and container damage when handling.