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The Way To Get Rich In Barium Nitrate Industry

Sep 05, 2017

1, Drilling mud additive: In some wells, gas wells drilling, the general use of drilling mud, the proportion of clay is about 25, the proportion of water is 1, so the mud proportion is low, sometimes the mud weight can not be with the underground oil, gas pressure balance, then cause blowout accident. Under the condition of high underground pressure, it is necessary to increase the proportion of slurry, and adding barite powder to the slurry is an effective measure to increase the proportion of slurry. Do drilling mud for the general fineness of Barite to reach more than 325 mesh, such as barite fineness is not easy to precipitate. The proportion of barite required for drilling mud is more than 4.2, BaSO4 content is not less than 95%, soluble salts less than 1%.

2, zinc barium white pigment: Zinc barium white is a commonly used high-quality white pigments, can be used as paints, paint pigments raw materials. The barium sulfate is heated barite, and the reductant can be reduced to barium sulfide (BaS), and then the mixture of barium sulfate and zinc sulfide (BaSO4 $number, ZnS (30%)) is the zinc-barium white pigment (ZnSO4). The barite requirements for the preparation of zinc barium white are more than 95% BaSO4 content and should not contain visible colored sundries.

3, a variety of barium compounds: barite as raw materials can be produced barium oxide, barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium nitrate, precipitated barium sulfate, barium hydroxide and other chemical raw materials.

4, Filler industrial barite: In the paint industry, barite powder barium nitrate filler can increase the thickness, strength and durability of paint film. Zinc and barium white pigments are also used in the manufacture of white paint, in indoor use than lead white, magnesium white has more advantages. The barite required for the paint industry has sufficient fineness and a high degree of whiteness. The paper industry, rubber and plastics industry also uses barite as filler, which can improve the hardness, wear resistance and aging resistance of rubber and plastics.

5, the cement industry uses the mineralization agent: In the cement production uses the barite, the fluorite compound mineralization agent to promote the $literal formation, the activation $literal has the obvious effect, the clinker quality has obtained the improvement, the cement early strength approximately may raise the $number, the late strength about 10%, the clinker The sintering temperature is reduced from 1450 ℃ to 1300±50℃. Barite dosage is 0.8~1.5%, the effect is best. In the production of white cement, the sintering temperature is reduced from 1500 ℃ to 1400 ℃, the free Cao content is low, and the strength and whiteness are improved after using barite and fluorite compound mineralization agent. Adding the appropriate amount of barite in the cement raw meal with coal gangue as raw material can make the cement strength with low clinker saturation ratio, especially the early strength greatly improved, which is the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue, which provides a beneficial way for producing low calcium, energy saving, early strength and high strength cement.

6, anti-ray cement, mortar and concrete: the use of barite with the absorption of X-ray performance, using barite to make barium cement, barite mortar and barite concrete, to replace the metal lead plate shielding nuclear reactors and the construction of scientific research, hospital X-ray buildings.

7. Road construction: Rubber and tar mixtures containing about 10% barite have been successfully used in car parks and are a durable paving material. At present, heavy-duty road construction equipment tires have been partially filled with barite to increase the weight, conducive to fill the area of tamping.

8. Other: Barite and oil are blended and then coated on cloth to make tarpaulins; Barite powder barium nitrate is used to refine kerosene, to make digestive contrast agent in pharmaceutical industry, and to produce pesticide, tanning and fireworks. In addition, barite is also used as an getter and binder for the extraction of barium metal for television and other vacuum tubes. Barium and other metals (aluminum, magnesium, lead, calcium) made of alloy, used in bearing manufacturing.