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Trend Of Future Development Of Barium Chloride In China

Sep 05, 2017

The overall thinking of the future development of barium chloride industry in China should be to establish a safe, efficient, clean and sustainable guarantee system, further lengthen the industrial chain, realize the high concentration of industry and give full play to the competitive advantage of scale.
To improve the concentration of industry, accelerate to scale. Barium chloride production enterprises should form a scale advantage as soon as possible, in accordance with the characteristics of resources and market distribution and the degree of industrial relevance, taking strong alliances, mergers and acquisitions, and so on, the formation of cross-regional, trans-ownership, Cross-industry, and even multinational operations for the integration of large or large group of enterprises to optimize the allocation of resources, improve industrial concentration, Enhance competitiveness in the international market.
Second, we should improve the technology content and promote the industrial upgrading. Barium chloride production should actively strengthen new technology, new technology, new methods, new equipment, in order to improve product quality. Energy-saving, reform and innovation of technology, update equipment, and pay attention to the introduction of high-tech digestion and absorption, and strive to improve the equipment level, so that China's barium chloride products to mechanization, continuous, automation, functional, professional, modern direction of development.
Third, to improve the refinement of the development of innovative efforts. To develop in the direction of refinement. Expand the scope of application of barium chloride, expand the application field. At present, China's product quality and international counterparts, there is still a certain gap. Therefore, we should strengthen the joint of scientific research and development among enterprises and form the sharing of scientific and technological achievements. Accelerate the upgrading of barium chloride products, improve the technology content, improve product quality, grade and added value, in order to better meet the current and potential needs of users.
Four, to improve the corporate sense of social responsibility, strengthen ecological construction and environmental protection, the implementation of cleaner production. We should vigorously develop and popularize the clean production technology of barium chloride, strengthen the ecological construction and environmental protection, and process reform towards the closed circulatory system direction. From the "resource-product-waste" linear model to the "resource-product-waste-renewable resources" cycle model, with minimal resource consumption and environmental costs to achieve sustainable economic and social development.